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Mold is a common type of fungus that grows outside in our natural environment...

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Water Damage
When experiencing an emergency water damage situation...

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We have years of experience dealing with insurance companies...

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Milwaukee Mold & Water Damage

Water Damage Mitigation? We Are Here To Help!

Water damage restoration is defined as the process of restoring a property to its pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage. We understand that water damage can happen at any time. However, waiting to dry it out should not be an option. If left untreated, water can cause significant damage to your home or business. Water and porous building materials are a breeding ground for mold to grow and release toxins into the air you breathe. No matter what the cause of the water damage, it should be professionally restored with the use of commercial grade dehumidification and air movers to reduce the moisture from the air and building materials.

When experiencing an emergency water damage situation, it is important to hire a firm with trained professionals and a staff that is sensitive to the disruption this can cause to your life. Our firm is certified by the IICRC in water damage restoration. Due to our training and experience, our approach is based on reliable restoration principles, research and practical experience combined with utilizing information gathered from various diagnostic tests such as measuring the moisture levels in the air and walls by using hygrometers for monitoring humidity levels and thermal imaging cameras to locate areas with moisture.

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The Mold Removal (Remediation) Process
If you experience a water intrusion or flood, call Milwaukee Mold & Water Damage immediately so we can provide you with professional water extraction, damage assessment, packing out and securing of personal items, drying and dehumidification of moisture, sanitation, odor control, and complete restoration services including reconstruction and remodeling.

As a courtesy, we provide direct insurance billing to your insurance company, and in some cases, the work can be performed with little or no out of pocket costs.

Making Sense of the Insurance Maze
The purpose of having property insurance is to protect you from the significant financial costs that could result from an unexpected water damage and mold remediation. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not familiar or experienced in this area. The dilemma is how to get the required work performed expeditiously without spending a great deal of money while the insurance company evaluates your claim. In addition, working effectively with your insurance company to recover for all repair damages needed is of utmost importance.

When choosing the right restoration company, choose QUALITY, choose EXPERIENCE, CHOOSE Milwaukee Mold & Water Damage

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